Mumbai Teen Doesn’t Have Class 12 Certificate; But She Got Into MIT

mantralay Times mumbai       Seventeen-year-old Malvika Raj Joshi doesn’t have a class 10 or 12 certificate but has made it to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), thanks to her computer programming talent.Here is a story about a mother’s conviction to break stereotypes and the self belief of her teenage daughter, who showed why “merit” has more weightage than “marks”The Mumbai teenager has been provided scholarship by MIT as she is pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree after getting a seat for being a three-time medal winner (two silver and a bronze) at International Olympiad of Informatics (IOI) or commonly known as Programming OlympiadThe MIT has a provision for accepting students who are medal winners at various Olympiads (Maths, Physics or Computer) and it was Malvika’s medals that ensured that she can fulfil her aspirations of pursuing research work in her favourite subject — Computer Science.

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