Construction of Railway Lines in North Eastern

Funds allocated and spent for the projects of new lines, gauge conversion and doubling in North Eastern Region during the last three years are as under:

2012-13  Rs.2279 crore

2013-14  Rs.3392 crore

2014-15  Rs. 5200 crore

Against a national average of 20 km/1000 sq. km. railway network density, North Eastern States have an average railway network density of 10.1 km/1000 sq. km. 12 new line works have been taken up in North Eastern Region having a total length of 1248 km at a total cost of Rs. 38416 crore. An increased outlay of Rs.5338 crore has been provided in 2015-16 for speedier execution of projects in North Eastern Region.

This information was given by the Minister of State for Railways Shri Manoj Sinha in written reply to a question in Lok Sabha yesterday

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