Dr. Harsh Vardhan visits Centre for Nano Sciences

Union Minister for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences Dr. Harsh Vardhan, visited the Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences in Bangalore yesterday.  During his visit, he evinced keen interest in the demo kits and the poster displays presented by the research fellows of the Centre.

While interacting with the faculty, the Minister emphasized the need for quantitative output that can reach the common man in a form that is easily perceived.  Constant dialogues and brainstorming among the researchers will only help in identifying relevant scientific problems and bringing them out for the benefit of the society at large, the Minister pointed out.  He counseled young researchers to shift from routine to out-of-the box thinking and to dream big that could be translated to great innovations.  He later planted a sapling in the premises of the Centre and was very appreciative of the overall achievements of the Centre.  He also mentioned that the Ministry of Science and Technology is prepared to extend extraordinary support in deserving cases.

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