Mantralaya Times Android App Launched by CM Devendra Fadnavis

Nagpur, Dec. 18, 2015

Mantralaya Times is India’s 1st political news and views platform with Android application dedicated for political affairs, with a vision to support good governance & accountability in Indian Politics. Our objective is to establish a political publication exclusively for Politics and Governance for all across India. Presently “Mantralaya Times” is focused in Maharashtra and Central Politics, and soon we will expand our reach to all the state capitals of India.CM Launching Mantralaya Times

We are pleased to inform that Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis has inaugurated the Mobile Application “Mantralaya Times” at Ramgiri, Nagpur.

Mantralaya Times is a startup initiative to create a News & Views platform for discussing healthy politics. In past 67 years of independence mostly people of india we of the view that politics is not their cup of tea, but in recent years 125 crore Indians are looking for a change in this system, People want more and more news of the ongoing initiatives of Governments for Good Governance and want a check for accountability in politics.

Mantralaya Times will start a all India drive to strengthen its network of volunteers, to encourage the Good Governance initiatives by Central and State Governments and to keep a check for accountability in politics.

Anil Ramteke

Mantralaya Times (Editor-In-Chief)

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